- Every journey starts with a single step -

Solving the problem.

When seeking to improve the warmth and comfort of a home there are 3-levels of intervention:


Changing Habits – turning off lights, reducing thermostat, etc

Passive Measures – increasing insulation, draft-proofing, etc

Active Measures – changing heating system, installing stove or solar panels, etc


At Goval Energy, we are mostly concerned with the active measures that householders can take to improve their home. To put it bluntly, having a poorly performing boiler and worrying about turning off lights is like driving a gas-guzzler and worrying about m.p.g. – it makes no sense.  What follows are the main products we are experts on and can offer to our clients.

A-Rated Gas or Oil Boiler.

Renewable technology has its time and place, but sometimes circumstance or budget calls for a more simple solution. Usually an easy and straightforward intervention, a new a-rated boiler can often transform the efficiency and therefore running cost of a home. We can offer a wide range of internal and external gas and oil boilers to suit any budget.  This solution can be offered as a barebones straight swap or combined into a package with other worthwhile measures such as power-flushing, new heating controls, and maintenance packages.

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Wood Burning Stoves.

A wood burning stove can transform the look, feel and comfort of a home.  Scotland has an abundant supply of local wood and timber, offering many householders access to a cheap – sometimes free – source of sustainable fuel.  Positioned thoughtfully within the home, a stove can provide heat for many rooms and greatly reduce central heating run costs.  Goval Energy can offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary stoves with all design and installation work carried out by HETAS approved solid fuel engineers.

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Ground & Air-Source Heat Pumps.

Ground and air-source heat pumps are renewable technologies that have seen tremendous growth in the UK over the last decade.  Compared with traditional heating technologies, the initial capital cost to install a heat pump is higher.  However, much of this is offset by payments made to the householder through the Government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.


Contrary to popular myth, heat pumps can be used very effectively in older buildings that do not benefit from underfloor heating and modern levels of insulation.  A favourite of Goval Energy, our own renewable showhome in Aberdeenshire is heated by a 14kW Samsung EHS Mono air-source heat pump.


We can advise whether a heat pump is suitable for your home and can arrange system design and installation by the best heat pump engineers in the business.

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Biomass Boilers.

When it comes to raw heat output, few technologies can compete with a biomass boiler.  Usually better suited to larger homes or commercial enterprises, biomass boilers also attract payments from the Government through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.


Biomass boilers commonly use sustainably sourced pellets, chips or logs for fuel.  Goval Energy is well versed in biomass technology and can advise on which boiler type and manufacturer would suit you best.  Through our partner network, we can arrange installation by MCS & HETAS approved biomass experts.

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Solar Panels.

You would need to have been living under a rock to have failed to notice the massive growth in the UK solar industry over the last 5 years.  Often seen as purely an investment opportunity, the true benefits of solar are often overlooked.  While income from the Government Feed-in Tariff (FIT) is no doubt welcome, the true purpose of photovoltaic solar panels (PV) is to produce power for use locally in the home.


At Goval Croft, our 4kW solar array generates around 3700 kWh per annum, much of which is used on site to power our home and Samsung heat pump.  The benefits of solar will only increase as battery storage solutions improve and hybrid and electric car technologies become more commonplace.  As always, system design and placement is crucial to ensuring quoted performance targets are met or exceeded.  We are highly experienced in domestic and commercial solar and can offer a wide range of systems and packages to suit.

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